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Three years later... - cavialover
Three years later...
It's really amazing how much a person can change, over a seemingly short period.

Personally, I wouldn't say I changed, except that I did, and reading previous entries only proved that.

My English has vastly improved, my interests largely changed... It's as if someone else has written my previous entries and only today decided to let me, the person for whom the journal was intended, write in it.

A terminal (but not deadly) illness was discovered, I've gathered a fear of driving, I've started learning three extra languages (two of those through evening classes; the third my 'third foreign language' course at university),... It's like my life is going too fast, but not fast enough at the same time.

My thyroid-condition (Hashimoto's Disease) made me a zombie for two years, and now I have a feeling I'm doing too much, and not enough at the same time... It's like I'm trying to make up for those lost years, but don't know where to begin the 'catching up'.

I've discovered new interests and lost quite a few... Manga is still high on my lists of priorities, but television (and consequently anime) is hardly watched... I can go weeks without turning on the television.

It's like I don't recognize myself anymore and for all the good the transformation has brought me, I'm scared of the end of the trip. Every high has a low, but this is one high that hasn't ended yet and I'm afraid of the trip back down.
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