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Here I am, This is me (Spirit) - cavialover
Here I am, This is me (Spirit)
Hey everyone, eh, not pretty sure what to write here (ponders around 5 minutes)

Ok, to start things off, I had this really boring day today (seriously). First my parents drag me to a flower exposition, not that I mind something like that, any information is good to me. It's just that it was SUPPOSED to last 1h30 and than go home, instead, it lasted 4h, almost 5. Add to that that it was FREAKING hot and we hadn't brought anything to drink (we al thought, 1h30 is possible to survive)

On the other hand, someone asked my help to write a part of a fanfiction, someone wanted my help ( I feel so wanted *cries*)

So yeah, hope I didn't bore you with this first entry

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

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