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I hate this day - cavialover
I hate this day
Today was an absolute disaster

First I promised my brother I would go with him to a media store for his birthday present (no problems there), but then I realize I have a flat tire and, of course, my brother didn't want to wait another day (his birthday had already passed, I was already late) so I had to feel every pit in the road twice as hard as normal.

Upon arrival my brother didn't thought it was needed to thank me, so my mood was quickly dropping (must resist strangling).

Now, I also went to the shop to see for a game for me, more specifically, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond (yes, both), but they only had the French version, English version was all sold out (I could cry our of misery).

So after paying for the game he choose I had to ride the whole trip back, still with a flat tire (I can still feel all the bumps in the road) without any of the games that was my original purpose of going to the store, so yeah, my day was anything but pleasant.

Of course, there are still fanfics I read and one of my favorites was updated today, so my mood became a little bit better.

Ok, off to do something a fellow writer asked.

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