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It's really amazing how much a person can change, over a seemingly short period.

Personally, I wouldn't say I changed, except that I did, and reading previous entries only proved that.

My English has vastly improved, my interests largely changed... It's as if someone else has written my previous entries and only today decided to let me, the person for whom the journal was intended, write in it.

A terminal (but not deadly) illness was discovered, I've gathered a fear of driving, I've started learning three extra languages (two of those through evening classes; the third my 'third foreign language' course at university),... It's like my life is going too fast, but not fast enough at the same time.

My thyroid-condition (Hashimoto's Disease) made me a zombie for two years, and now I have a feeling I'm doing too much, and not enough at the same time... It's like I'm trying to make up for those lost years, but don't know where to begin the 'catching up'.

I've discovered new interests and lost quite a few... Manga is still high on my lists of priorities, but television (and consequently anime) is hardly watched... I can go weeks without turning on the television.

It's like I don't recognize myself anymore and for all the good the transformation has brought me, I'm scared of the end of the trip. Every high has a low, but this is one high that hasn't ended yet and I'm afraid of the trip back down.
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Biggest let-down ever.

I know it's been a long time, and my twenty-first birthday is only 1 week and a half away, but I really need some ranting-time.

There was an action. If you collected enough points, you could get a plush animal for free. There were two and I decided to at least try to collect enough for both, but would only reserve one until I was sure. The paper in question wan one I personally don't follow, but that isn't so strange, seeing as I only watch television for entertainment and I barely know about anything that goes on in the world.

So I started asking around.

Two people offered to keep a hold on them for me, and one of them, without any probing from me, offered to give me both papers. One was delivered home, the other he bought on the road, because he couldn't wait until late to read the paper.

Today, the final day of the action, he merrily decides to tell me that his parents threw away all the papers in question.

I had already reserved both, because he kept insisting that I would get both of his papers each day, and thus wouldn't have to worry about a shortage of points. Now guess what I have!!!!

Luckily I had already started asking around, and I might get the amount I need for my second plush animal.

It's just, if he didn't want to do it, or told me earlier that his parents (though I really doubt it were his parents) hadn't bothered to keep the papers, I would have started buying them earlier, and not only the final, bonus-week papers.

I wouldn't have to worry about wether or not enough papers can be unearthed on the work place of the father of a friend, I wouldn't have to worry about wether or not my mother's colleagues don't need the bonus points themselves.

I wouldn't have to worry!!!!

Today sucks, and if the beginning is anything to go by, it is only going to get worse.
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Today is my birthday and from this day on I'm 18 years old.

Now, the not so happy part of it is the fact that my great-grandfather died the night from sunday to monday and he was buried. Well, the funeral was today. Yes, on my special day, the day I became 18 and thus an official adult they had to bury my great-grandfather.

About my fic, still stuck in it's SB, I'm really trying, but I had 2 tests each day, really impossible to learn 1-2-3.

For my birthday (yes, it was still a little celebrated) I got pokemon Battle Revolution for the wii (wii ^o^), so it wasn't that bad.

Now you know at least a bit more.



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Hey all, just a small post for those following my journal (and my stories) A very unusual mermaid is not dead, abandonned, on hiatus or anything else, it's simply SB (school block).

My exams started yesterday and time is getting less and less (I have to make time, 'cause it's all gone TT.TT)

I am still working on it, I am not about to abandon my first story, if my second is already finished (lets just forget the difference between one-shot and multi-chapter, OK?)

So, yeah, I'm working myself to near death here, but I don't mind, it will all work out (or I fail a few lessons, big deal *shrugs* I don't care about them anyway, except mathematics and Latin)

So now you all know



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I know I said I would post something "tomorrow" but I just couldn't find the time.

Firs, let me tell you that my assumptions about school being (once again) late with whatever they do there, was correct. Instead of getting our locker before the first week ended (what should have happened) we had the great opportunity (note the sarcasm) to all become farm animals, and with those I mean mules. We had to carry all our stuff, without any opportunity to lighten our bags, two weeks without any break, I'm surprised I survived. *looks behind her to an innocent-looking coffin*

My driving lessons are going great, still haven't crashed or caused an accident. I did, however, give my brother an heart attack *laughs head off* that will teach the little devil.

Ok, for any entry-followers for my fanfic-stories, I'm saddened to say that my story is sustaining a school block. I have the ideas, but the time to write them down is lacking so much it isn't even funny. Seriously, do those teachers have to give us so much homework? They're the only ones who'll get bitten in the end.

Luckily I found some time now (I have to be quiet, my parents can't know I'm on my computer) to write a few ideas, not pretty sure if it will be finished, but it will be closer to being finished, if that helps.

So now you know, hope you didn't die are still awake *cheesy grin* *waves*

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Here in Belgium things go a bit different, school starts again tomorrow (I feel for those who already had to go back)

On a brighter note, I'm finished with my driving lessons ^^, now the only thing I have to do is drive around the whole world so I can improve some more -_-'

I also need to learn how to park correctly, besides, my dad need some more gray hair ^^

That's all for now, tomorrow will probably be to tell how boring my first day was, they are always to late with everything -_-*


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Hey, it has been a while, but I can now proudly say that chapter 8 of a very unusual mermaid is going smoothly, doesn't necessarily mean that it's quick enough, but it's definitely faster than chapter 7 (which I still hate)

On another note, I finally got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl *jumps around room happily*, 3 weeks of going on and off to the shop, hoping they had arrived (the Dutch version I mean, French was already present, but is gibberish for me), so I spent most of my time playing Diamond (like the front more), doesn't mean I didn't write, on the contrary, never have I written so much *ponders about 5 minutes* OO, I need a break of my writing *falls down unconscious*

*regains sense of sanity (yes, I'm most of the time insane)*

Today, as in, at 3 in the afternoon, I had my first driving lesson from an instructor. My father learned me first, but some situations weren't to his liking (taking a turn at 20 km/h, he became as white as a ghost *laughs*), thus making me almost collapse out of sheer fatigue, I swear, those lessons are hard, you have to watch everything *grumbles*. Tomorrow the lessons commence at 1 in the afternoon, 2 hours early, I'm going to die *faints*

Hope I didn't bore you (yes, I fainted twice) *waves*

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Today was an absolute disaster

First I promised my brother I would go with him to a media store for his birthday present (no problems there), but then I realize I have a flat tire and, of course, my brother didn't want to wait another day (his birthday had already passed, I was already late) so I had to feel every pit in the road twice as hard as normal.

Upon arrival my brother didn't thought it was needed to thank me, so my mood was quickly dropping (must resist strangling).

Now, I also went to the shop to see for a game for me, more specifically, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond (yes, both), but they only had the French version, English version was all sold out (I could cry our of misery).

So after paying for the game he choose I had to ride the whole trip back, still with a flat tire (I can still feel all the bumps in the road) without any of the games that was my original purpose of going to the store, so yeah, my day was anything but pleasant.

Of course, there are still fanfics I read and one of my favorites was updated today, so my mood became a little bit better.

Ok, off to do something a fellow writer asked.

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Hey everyone, eh, not pretty sure what to write here (ponders around 5 minutes)

Ok, to start things off, I had this really boring day today (seriously). First my parents drag me to a flower exposition, not that I mind something like that, any information is good to me. It's just that it was SUPPOSED to last 1h30 and than go home, instead, it lasted 4h, almost 5. Add to that that it was FREAKING hot and we hadn't brought anything to drink (we al thought, 1h30 is possible to survive)

On the other hand, someone asked my help to write a part of a fanfiction, someone wanted my help ( I feel so wanted *cries*)

So yeah, hope I didn't bore you with this first entry

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