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My fanfic - cavialover
My fanfic
Hey, it has been a while, but I can now proudly say that chapter 8 of a very unusual mermaid is going smoothly, doesn't necessarily mean that it's quick enough, but it's definitely faster than chapter 7 (which I still hate)

On another note, I finally got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl *jumps around room happily*, 3 weeks of going on and off to the shop, hoping they had arrived (the Dutch version I mean, French was already present, but is gibberish for me), so I spent most of my time playing Diamond (like the front more), doesn't mean I didn't write, on the contrary, never have I written so much *ponders about 5 minutes* OO, I need a break of my writing *falls down unconscious*

*regains sense of sanity (yes, I'm most of the time insane)*

Today, as in, at 3 in the afternoon, I had my first driving lesson from an instructor. My father learned me first, but some situations weren't to his liking (taking a turn at 20 km/h, he became as white as a ghost *laughs*), thus making me almost collapse out of sheer fatigue, I swear, those lessons are hard, you have to watch everything *grumbles*. Tomorrow the lessons commence at 1 in the afternoon, 2 hours early, I'm going to die *faints*

Hope I didn't bore you (yes, I fainted twice) *waves*

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From: wild4rose7cool Date: August 29th, 2007 06:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi there cavialover, I found your livejournal from your profile page on ff.net, do you mind if I add you as a friend?
Driving lessons sound nasty :( good luck with writing your fanfic :)
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