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Wow, tomorrow was far away *blushes* - cavialover
Wow, tomorrow was far away *blushes*
I know I said I would post something "tomorrow" but I just couldn't find the time.

Firs, let me tell you that my assumptions about school being (once again) late with whatever they do there, was correct. Instead of getting our locker before the first week ended (what should have happened) we had the great opportunity (note the sarcasm) to all become farm animals, and with those I mean mules. We had to carry all our stuff, without any opportunity to lighten our bags, two weeks without any break, I'm surprised I survived. *looks behind her to an innocent-looking coffin*

My driving lessons are going great, still haven't crashed or caused an accident. I did, however, give my brother an heart attack *laughs head off* that will teach the little devil.

Ok, for any entry-followers for my fanfic-stories, I'm saddened to say that my story is sustaining a school block. I have the ideas, but the time to write them down is lacking so much it isn't even funny. Seriously, do those teachers have to give us so much homework? They're the only ones who'll get bitten in the end.

Luckily I found some time now (I have to be quiet, my parents can't know I'm on my computer) to write a few ideas, not pretty sure if it will be finished, but it will be closer to being finished, if that helps.

So now you know, hope you didn't die are still awake *cheesy grin* *waves*

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