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Ranting Ranting Ranting - cavialover
Ranting Ranting Ranting
Biggest let-down ever.

I know it's been a long time, and my twenty-first birthday is only 1 week and a half away, but I really need some ranting-time.

There was an action. If you collected enough points, you could get a plush animal for free. There were two and I decided to at least try to collect enough for both, but would only reserve one until I was sure. The paper in question wan one I personally don't follow, but that isn't so strange, seeing as I only watch television for entertainment and I barely know about anything that goes on in the world.

So I started asking around.

Two people offered to keep a hold on them for me, and one of them, without any probing from me, offered to give me both papers. One was delivered home, the other he bought on the road, because he couldn't wait until late to read the paper.

Today, the final day of the action, he merrily decides to tell me that his parents threw away all the papers in question.

I had already reserved both, because he kept insisting that I would get both of his papers each day, and thus wouldn't have to worry about a shortage of points. Now guess what I have!!!!

Luckily I had already started asking around, and I might get the amount I need for my second plush animal.

It's just, if he didn't want to do it, or told me earlier that his parents (though I really doubt it were his parents) hadn't bothered to keep the papers, I would have started buying them earlier, and not only the final, bonus-week papers.

I wouldn't have to worry about wether or not enough papers can be unearthed on the work place of the father of a friend, I wouldn't have to worry about wether or not my mother's colleagues don't need the bonus points themselves.

I wouldn't have to worry!!!!

Today sucks, and if the beginning is anything to go by, it is only going to get worse.
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